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Natoli now offers metal detectable, silicone dust cups

red silicone dust cup

Dust cups are a low-cost solution that act as a barrier to not only keep formulation off the tool, but also to keep lubrication off the product. Dust cups help to reduce problems such as tool binding as they reduce friction by keeping product off the punch barrel.

Made of various materials, dust cups are either mounted on the tip of the punch or in a groove on the barrel of the upper punch.

Natoli Engineering Company offers several styles of dust cups in different materials, and we are excited to announce that we now carry silicone and metal detectable dust cups. This addition to our line of tablet compression accessories will provide new solutions to our customers.

Silicone dust cups provide an advantage in certain manufacturing situations as there is almost no change in their physical properties even at temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit.) This will allow them to run on presses at higher temperatures for an extended period of time – possibly increasing production.

Silicone rubber also resists oils, solvents, and other chemicals at higher temperatures than other plastics. This provides an opportunity for customers to wash and reuse dust cups without causing damage to them, as well as allow them to be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner without deformation, reducing waste and cost.

Metal detectable dust cups contain a trace amount of metal additive within the silicone to provide assurance that any material loss into the product will be detected by a metal detector.

“Natoli strives to provide our customers with affordable, effective solutions. I’m pleased to be able to offer another innovative product in our accessories catalog,” said Stephen Natoli, Parts and Accessories Catalog Manager.

All styles of dust cups are available in the new edition of Natoli’s Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog.

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