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The Natoli Institute is Open at LIU

by / Friday, 05 September 2014

Natoli Engineering Company announces the opening of the Natoli Institute for Industrial Pharmacy Research and Development. Opened in partnership with the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences on the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University (LIU), the Natoli Institute features dispensing, formulation, compression, and coating suites.

Supporting one of the few industrial pharmacy programs in North America, the Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical solid oral dosage formulation and engineering.

“The facility features traditional solid dosage formulation equipment, as well as the technology to measure the physical and chemical properties of tablets,” said Dr. Chuck Kettler PhD, director of Natoli Scientific.

Natoli established the Institute to further pharmaceutical compression science and support research into the industry’s most complex challenges. The laboratory will provide research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students to enable them to find innovative solutions to formulation problems through research and implementation. Work will focus on understanding many of the long time problems associated with the compression of tablets, the development of formulations for new and existing molecules, and the measurements required to ensure proper delivery of formulations to a tablet press and the control of the press.

Together with Natoli Scientific, the Natoli Institute will provide resources to the tableting industry, including new product manufacturing studies, tablet tooling sticking and picking evaluations, and new formulation technologies. Not only does the facility provide an environment for students to learn industrial pharmacy unit operations for solid oral dosage forms, it also provides an opportunity for Natoli customers to have their tableting problems investigated, such as sticking, picking, tablet disintegration/dissolution, bioavailability, and formulation and feasibility experiments.

“We are committed to supporting the future of the industry, as well as providing additional resources to our customers to combat their tableting issues,” said Dale Natoli, company president.

For more information, please contact Dr. Charles N. Kettler PhD, Director of Natoli Scientific at 636-926-8900.


One Response to “The Natoli Institute is Open at LIU”

  1. Rob Carr says :

    I am inquiring avbout Tablet Manufacturing Process Training. Long Island University March 6th -9th. What time does it start on the 6th? What time does it end on the 9th. Do you provide a shuttle from any given Hotel (I do not need a high roller hotel, its just a place to poop and sleep, however if the hotel is grand thats fine too)? Is their a hotel that provides a shuttle to you? What airport do you suggest flying into.

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