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Is your tooling being cleaned properly?

Natoli Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Your tools are a major investment, keeping them clean and productive should be a priority. Ultrasonic cleaning has long been considered the most effective, nondestructive way to clean tools. The Tablet Specification Manual recommends using an ultrasonic cleaning process to clean tooling, and research has shown that using an ultrasonic system produces cleaner tools with less wear and tear.

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works

Because ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency pressure waves to loosen and remove even the toughest grime and contaminants, it is safe for use on delicate surfaces and instruments. The waves work with cleaning fluid or water to create tiny bubbles that penetrate all surfaces of the tool to loosen or remove debris. This is especially beneficial for hard to clean areas such as key slots, cups, and die bores.

This high-tech cleaning method also completes the cleaning cycle in less time than manual cleaning. An entire station of tools can be cleaned in 10 minutes or less and requires little supervision from staff – freeing them up to complete other tasks.

Benefits for your organization includes:

  • More effective cleaning
  • Reduced cost
  • Faster cleaning times
  • Environmentally friendly

Ultrasonic Cleaners from Natoli Engineering

Natoli offers a line of CE and CSA approved ultrasonic cleaners that were designed specifically for the tablet compression industry, including a wash/rinse/dry set and a table top unit. Our full-size units offer attributes that improve upon the basic benefits that ultrasonic cleaning provides. They feature a convenient side-by-side design that makes transfers from wash to rinse to drying quick and easy, and reduces the risk of tool damage during handling. Additionally, the drying unit has been redesigned to blow hot air directly into the punch cups, ensuring there isn’t any moisture left in the cups.


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