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Natoli Tech Tips – How-to Video: TabletCAD Tablet Design Software

First impressions are everything, especially for pharmaceutical, nutritional, and confectionery tablets. Discriminating consumers may decide whether they will be repeat customers based on a tablet’s appearance and their experience. That’s why tablet design should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

Much too often in our industry, we see poor tablet design holding back companies. Don’t let this happen to you! A well-designed tablet can:

  • Ensure solid tablet quality
  • Maximize tablet production
  • Enhance the product lifecycle
  • Create easy recognition, which builds brand equity and incorporates brand authentication

“I wish I had heard about TabletCAD years ago, as it probably would have made my work much easier and efficient. The many features and possibilities offered by the software will come in very handy for my formulation development work.” – Pharma formulation scientist

Watch our new video to see how our TabletCAD® web-based tablet design software can help you design tablets in-house, to your specifications, quickly and easily, and at no cost. With TabletCAD®, your tablet designs are linked directly to the manufacturing process, so tooling will be shaped precisely to your models. Need more assistance? Contact one of our highly trained Technical Service Representatives at +1-636-926-8900.


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