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Non-OEM Parts – Great Quality, Lower Cost

tablet press replacement parts

Keeping a tablet press operating at peak performance with as little downtime as possible is important for any tablet manufacturer. But for many, keeping maintenance costs within reason is equally important. Although parts sourced through an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or authorized OEM dealer may sound initially appealing, there are several things to consider before paying a premium for OEM tablet press replacement parts. Here is why high-quality, non-OEM parts from Natoli can save you time and money.

1. Quality of the Product

Although many OEMs claim to have better parts, this isn’t always the case. Non-OEM parts manufacturers, like Natoli Engineering Company, work hard to ensure the quality and integrity of our parts meet or exceed OEM specifications. It is in our best interest to maintain a high level of quality assurance. We spend hundreds of man hours each year, sourcing and auditing suppliers, and testing the quality of our parts. We want make sure we meet the high expectations of our customers, while providing you substantial savings.

Some OEMs use scare tactics to keep customers from using non-OEM replacement parts. We’ve read claims from these companies faulting non-OEM parts for causing catastrophic tablet press failures. These extreme cases can occur with any part, OEM or non-OEM. Threats of presses deemed unserviceable for utilizing non-OEM replacement parts are simply unfounded. What would a company gain by refusing to service a press? Note that a warranty could be voided if non-OEM parts are used, but most warranties will have expired by the time your parts need to be replaced. If a warranty has expired, there is no reason not to save money and buy from any quality parts supplier. Make sure you know the difference between warranty and non-warranty services for your press and do not let fear dictate how your press maintenance budget is spent.

2. Reducing Costs for Customers – Never Undersold

Providing a high-quality product is not our only goal. We strive to provide the product at an affordable price. By sourcing carefully, we ensure that the highest quality materials are used, and costs are minimized. We then pass that savings on to the customer. For the past 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing customers with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

If you find a like-quality product from a known parts supplier, we won’t just match their price, we’ll beat it. We will not be undersold. That’s how we’ve become a global leader in the tableting industry.

3. Aging Equipment

When dealing with aging equipment,  it rarely makes sense to pay a premium for OEM replacement parts. In recent years, several long-standing and well-known press manufacturers have left the market or sold their manufacturing rights to new companies. Because of this, replacement parts for these machines become increasingly difficult to find. Unless you have the right replacement parts vendor working with you, that is. At Natoli, we have the capability to reverse-engineer any replacement part not already in our stock and will ensure that each part meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Read about our New Part Program at the end of this article.

Also consider that aging or near-obsolete machines will not retain value. If you need to simply get your machines through to the next fiscal cycle or next few batches of product, quality replacement parts from a non-OEM supplier will give you the results you need at a fraction of the cost.

4. Reliable Distribution

With major players in the tablet press market recently ending their manufacture of tablet presses, you may have questions like, “Do the new companies know how to manufacture old parts correctly?” and “Will the quality really be the same?”

Natoli has been manufacturing and selling replacement parts for years. This isn’t new to us. We also know that parts are often needed now, not next week or next month. That’s why we stock more than 250,000 replacement parts and have them ready to ship the same day. Time is money, and if your press has stopped a production run, there isn’t much time to spare.

5. Support of All Your Tableting Needs

There are numerous companies in the tablet compression market. Some are global players, some are new companies competing for a piece of the pie. When considering where to source your replacement parts, you should factor in the support system that company offers.

Natoli Engineering is more than just a tablet tooling provider. We offer press replacement parts, the largest and most comprehensive Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog in the market, educational opportunities through hands-on technical training courses, as well as on-site set-up and training for all areas and levels of tablet manufacturing. We’ve combined our years of industry knowledge and expertise to create the best solution possible for you.

When you need more than a simple vendor for tooling, parts, or accessories, look no further than Natoli Engineering.

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It was a great help to us to fix our tooling issue, as we are running this product commercially and being down would have put us in a huge bind…We don’t know what we would have done without Natoli’s help! 

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