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Pharmintech Trade Show – Bologna Italy

It was good to be back at the Pharmintech trade show in Bologna, Italy, recently. That’s our own Rosario Palminteri, manager of Tablet Compression Resource (TCR), working the Natoli booth. Rosario virtually wore out a new pair of shoes talking with customers eager to learn more about Natoli products and services.

Our President, Dale Natoli, along with Dave Holleran and other members of our team, met with a number of universities to discuss new industry developments and technologies, sharing thoughts and swapping notes. And a highly respected pharma university professor was eager to share with our team his idea of teaming up with Natoli to pursue the development of an innovative dosage Natoli Engineering at Pharmintech trade show Bologna Italyrelease product. As you know, we’re always eager to try new adventures.

Lest we forget, a BIG shout out to Marcello and Michela Militello, our new Natoli Representatives based in Italy. Their company is MM Service located in Bologna.

We won’t be back to Bologna for another three years, but we can hardly wait.

Want to learn more about Natoli’s Tablet Compression Resource? Just follow the link above or contact Rosario Palminteri if you have any questions. Arrivederci!


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