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Solid Dose Outsourcing Trends

This post shares content from an article in Contract Pharma. Click here for the full article.

The pharmaceutical industry has seen a number of changes in the more than 40 years Natoli Engineering has been a major manufacturer of tablet compression tooling. From medical advances to the continued growing trend to outsource pharmaceutical manufacturing, the solid dose market continues to thrive.

In “Solid Dosage Outsourcing Trends,” a recent article by Tim Wright, editor for Contract Pharma magazine, evolutions within the pharmaceutical marketplace are discussed. From increases in regulatory pressures to changes in the types of medications being produced, the next few years look to be transformative.

“There is a lot of capacity in solid dose manufacturing across the globe, so just having capacity is not necessarily a differentiator,” said Kaspar van den Dries, senior director and principal scientist of solid dose development, Patheon. “Pharmaceutical companies are looking for expanded services such as integrated API, drug product services and flexible manufacturing capacity to be able to handle the intrinsic variable demands, especially at the time of product launch.”

This is not much different than the challenges tooling manufacturers have felt. As customers have asked for new innovations in design and function, companies like Natoli have extended their product offering. From our beginning as a leader in tablet compression tooling, the Natoli product line has grown to include tablet presses, and premium tablet press replacement parts for use with most major brands of tablet presses, as well as services – tablet and tool design, tablet press refurbishment, technical training, scientific services (R&D) and metallurgy.

“Specialized partnerships can be formed for product development and manufacturing of such small scale/high value products.”

Natoli has even responded with additional opportunities by creating the Natoli Institute. In partnership with Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY, the Natoli Institute at the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical solid oral dosage formulation and engineering, and features traditional solid dosage formulation equipment as well as the technology to measure the physical and chemical properties of tablets.

As the industry changes, Natoli will strive to remain at the forefront of innovation and work with our customers to meet the continued pressures for exacting tablet manufacturing requirements.
Check out the full article which outlines the changes in how medicines are being developed, creation of additional opportunities for the industry, changes in customer expectations, and major investments by outsource companies to maintain market leadership.


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