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Natoli Offers Multiple Options for Tooling Storage

From tooling storage boxes to completely customizable tooling storage systems, there is a solution to suit a variety of needs.

The newest addition, to an already wide selection of storage units, is a die segment storage system. With this system, customers will be able to not only store their die segments, but easily transport them. The sole, unique, feature of these storage cabinets is an adjustable drawer, which allows for any size die segment to be stored. With three models to choose from, two mobile units and one stationary unit, there is a storage capacity of 16 to 32 segments. No special ordering and no set-up tools are required.

A second storage system is described as a completely customizable punch and die storage system. This system includes a cabinet, a cart, and even an inspection stand. “Each component has the ability to add/remove specialized tooling trays,” said Rachel Krafft, . There are eight tooling tray versions, which are easily removed and placed into one of the three complementing units. This free range movement allows for a complete storage, transport, and inspection system. No tools are required when moving tooling trays from unit to unit.

The new expanded selection of tooling storage is available in the new Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog, along with other tablet compression accessories. 


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Thank you very much for all of the help and patience with these sets of tooling, I know it has been difficult at some points with a lot of changes along the way. All of your work is much appreciated.

- Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Company