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Telford Lab Launches with Successful Formulation Development Training

Class picNatoli Scientific’s new Telford, Pennsylvania, R&D laboratory opened its doors with the inaugural “Formulation Development, Scale-up, and Intro to Microtabs” training October 8-10, 2018.

Seventeen attendees from the pharma, specialty chemicals, nutritional supplements, and pyrotechnics industries helped us kick off activities in our new facility. Taught by industry-leading experts, our attendees learned new approaches to formulation development, enhanced their problem-solving skills, and applied scientific principles to their own formulation development.

Participants praised the course’s broad range of topics, hands-on lab demos, and knowledgeable instructors. One attendee said, “The instructors are knowledgeable and their approach of delivering information in a simple, relatable, and nonjudgmental way was very helpful.” Another attendee said, “Multiple stages of pharmaceutical development were covered, so it was easier to connect the whole process from API usage to coating tablets.” A third attendee said:

I have been to a lot of training sessions and this was one of the best. Please let the rest of your team know I appreciated them sharing their expertise.

Topics covered included:

  • Compression Tooling Fundamentals—Common Compression Issues and Remedies
  • Tablet Compaction and Compression—The Rotary Tablet Press Process with Common Issues and Remedies
  • Blending Strategies and Scale-Up Techniques
  • Granulation Process and Scale-Up Factors
  • A Guide to Rational Tablet Formulation
  • Excipients with a Purpose
  • Film Coatings—Enhancing the Stability of Oral Solid Dosage Forms
  • Application of Film Coatings to Pellets and Mini Tablets—Producing Taste Masked Products Suitable for Pediatric Administration

Natoli Scientific will host its next training event in December 2018. Keep an eye on our Training Events Calendar for the date and topics.

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